TERRA.knowledge TERRA.vision exhibition

You have head lamps with you; do you know why?
That’s right, it will be dark!

Through the earth and stone; and through time. A journey through time – from the Carboniferous to the Quaternary period – from the ancient world 360 million years ago until the present. Be careful, and better don’t go alone! If you pay attention and sharpen your senses, there are exciting things to discover. And very important

Welcome and enjoy yourself!

TERRA.vision is the exhibition unit of the Nature and Geopark’s Information Center opened in June 2008 at the Museum at Schölerberg in Osnabrück. It transports the visitor into real excavation-like situations. There are seven themed stations, for example, in a reconstructed, walk-through stone quarry, real live fossils and interactive elements ensure a memorable experience. You wander through 300 million years of earth history, discover buried skeletons and fossils in the dark, and embark on a journey through time from the Carboniferous period via the Cretaceous period to the present.

TERRA.vision provides an overview of the earth’s history within the Nature and Geopark, and illustrates the many possibilities of watching this “live” in our region. For example, a replica of fossilized dinosaur footprints, inspire curiosity about the original near Bad Essen from the Jurassic period 150 million years ago. Other geological phenomena can also be viewed and admired on terminals as a 360° panorama.

Further information about TERRA.vision can be found in our tour planner here or you can order any of our free brochures in our online shop.

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