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The area of the TERRA.vita park extends from the large bend of the Weser river on the Porta Westfalica via Osnabrück to the Hahnenmoor in Emsland and from Bielefeld to the meeting of the Mittellandkanal with the Dortmund-Ems Kanal in Hörstel. It currently encompasses about 1,500 square kilometers (370,000 acres or 580 square miles) in the states of both Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia.

TERRA.vita is a registered, non-profit organization. Its members include the municipalities located with the park area, the cities and counties, some companies, and private individuals. The management is located in the county of Osnabrück, where a small dedicated team takes care of all aspects of the park and its further development. TERRA.vita is currently substantially supported by 50 volunteers, who are active as rangers, guides, and sponsors for humans and nature.

This circle is further enlarged by specialists and service partners who provide full-time professional services for guests of the park. In addition to these organizers and agencies, we work in close cooperation with tourism organizations and associations to develop and safeguard the necessary infrastructures and offers. Regular meetings and work groups ensure the mutual flow of information and cooperation and encourage new ideas and initiatives.

TERRA.vita retains national memberships in the Verband Deutscher Naturparke (VDN; Association of German National Parks), who also distinguished us as a “Quality Natural Park”, and in the EUROPARC Deutschland e.V. We are also an active member in the network of European Geoparks, and therefore also in the Global Geopark Network.

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