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Walking, wandering, hiking, enjoying!

Walking, wandering, hiking, enjoying! What images do you have in mind when you think of of hiking regions – high mountains, steep slopes, endless forests and solitude? Are you a passionate hiker, would rather go in a group, or perhaps only in pairs, or with the family? Are you out to discover the theme of hiking and want to plan your first multi-day tour, or do you want to simply take a relaxing walk on a loop trail?

Except for alpine challenges, the UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita offers all facets of hiking. You can be on the road for days or for just an hour – just as you like. If discovery is what you have in mind, you will experience a region that perfectly combines culture and nature with one another and that is as varied as the trails that cross them. Enjoy the nature and the landscape, breath in the Earth’s history every step of the way!

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