The Lost Collection

TERRA.activ Geopark Game App

Geopark Game App „The Lost Collection”

A simple hike is too boring for you? With the geopark game app "The Lost Collection" you can experience the Nature and UNESCO Geopark TERRA.vita in a completely different way.

Throughout the area you will find hundreds of points of interest waiting to be discovered.

If you find one of these points and crack it through a quiz or mini-game, you unlock animated 3D objects such as animals and plants that are extinct but still live in the Nature and Geopark today, or minerals and myths. The objects are stored in your collection, where you can get more information about the Earth's history, way of life or formation.

With an augmented reality feature, you can also display the objects in the environment and share them with your friends on social media.

Please stay on the marked trails while playing and help us preserve habitats and refuges for animals, plants and fungi!

The app is completely free of charge and works with both Android and Apple smartphones. In addition, you can find the objects not only in the UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita, but also in the UNESCO Global Geopark De Hondsrug in the Netherlands.

Here you get a little foretaste. And then it's off - out into the nature and UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita!


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