Palaeogene & Neogene

Palaeogene & Neogene (66 - 5 million years ago)

From about 75 to 55 million years ago, TERRA.vita was once again terrestrial, a region where no sediment was deposited but which was exposed to the forces of erosion ...


Then the subsidence of the North German area caused the primeval North Sea to cover TERRA.vita until at least 12 million years ago. Finds of teeth and bones in the Ankum Heights and in Bünde indicate that the shallow sea was inhabited by a great variety of sharks, including the megalodon, up to 20 meters long, as well as manatees and toothed whales.


The land was inhabited by the prehistoric horse, tapir relatives and bear-dog-like animals. The teeth of sharks are still sharp after many millions of years.

Experience Paleogene & Neogene at the Kuhlhoff Bippen Education Centre with HaiTec Centre.

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